Monthly Meeting

April 25th, 2021



There are no events scheduled at this time. Please check back soon.


We are extending the Local 407 Scholarship thru June 7th 2021.
SAT scores or ACT scores are no longer required.

2021 Teamsters Joint Council No. 41
$1,000 College Tuition Scholarship Application

IBT / UPS Over 9.5 List MOU December 1, 2020

Local Union Update to Voices for Pension Security Campaign

Voters to Congress: Solve the Multi-Employer Pension Crisis Now

Central States Pension Fund Tele-Townhall Webinar

Protect our Pensions

Local 407 Scholarship 2021-2022

Ohio Teamsters Credit Union

Teamsters Joint Council 41

International Brotherhood of Teamsters IBT


Central States Pension Fund

Union Label

If you do not work at all in any month,
call Brenda for a withdrawal card at 216-688-0842



A nomination meeting was held on the 4th day of January, 2021 to nominate candidates for Delegate and Alternate Delegate to the 30th International Convention of the IBT to be held in Las Vegas, NV.

4 Delegates and 3 Alternate Delegates are to be elected.

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Monthly Meetings

Our next monthly meeting will be held:

April 25th, 2021
Zoom Meeting

Join us on Zoom

Due to the ongoing and evolving nature of the coronavirus outbreak, Local 407 is having the next scheduled membership meeting via Zoom.

2021 Membership Meetings